POLAR CuttingSystem 300

POLAR CuttingSystem 300

Efficient cutting system with semi-automated components for large-size

Precise cutting results do not necessarily require jogging for precisely aligned edges. Non-printed or prepared material can be processed without any jogging cycle.

POLAR's CuttingSystems 300 work especially ergonomically when handling large sizes. Cutting materials sized 126 x 164 cm are loaded on the high-speed cutter, cut and restacked on pallets in semi-automatic processes. This is a performance increase of up to 100 percent, and a substantial improvement of ergonomic conditions.

The workflow: Transomat TR 3 BL automatically pulls the material being cut from the stack onto the Transomat pallet and a pusher takes it to the right position where Autotrans gripper-loading system takes it and transports it to the high-speed cutter rear table. After cutting, the Transomat E unit automatically stacks the completed reams on pallets. While the cutting machine is unloaded the new ream to be cut can be transported onto the rear table.

Optional POLAR components with performance-enhancing features are available :
High-speed cutter models POLAR N "PRO" and POLAR N "AT" further optimize the overall output of the systems.

POLAR CuttingSystem 300
Components / Technical Data Large sizes
Paper size cm 89 x 126 102 x 145 126 x 164
Transomat E Type TRB 160-6 TRB 160-6 TRB 160-7S
High-Speed Cutter Model: POLAR N 155 POLAR N 176 POLAR N 176
Gripper loading system Type Autotrans
Transomat E Type TRE 160-6 TRE 160-6 TRE 160-7S


Gripper loading system POLAR Autotrans

Gripper loading system POLAR Autotrans

takes the prepared cutting ream from a peripheral unit, e. g. a buffer table, automatic jogger or piling-board shelf.

High-Speed Cutter POLAR N 115 PRO HD

High-Speed Cutters

POLAR high-speed cutters are the key components in finishing.

Unloading with POLAR Transomat

Transomat E

When high-speed cutters need to be unloaded, Transomat units are a performance-enhancing alternative to stack lifts.

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